Kingdon Ponds RFB will be holding their annual Christmas run again this year, it will kick-off with a run down the main Street of Scone at 10:00am on the 13/12/14.
Starting at 6:00pm on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th we will conduct our Streets of Scone run, handing out lollies for the kiddies and collecting much appreciated donations. Then on the 23rd we will be visiting Santa St from 8:00pm till approx 9:30pm.

RFSA Grants

A big thank you once again to the RFSA for supplying us with a Generator, Air Compressor and new Printer as part of this years grants. These items will help the Brigade help its Community in times of need. Without the generosity of the RFSA, and the donations from our local Community, the Brigade would be just a shed with trucks in it. Thanks to their generousity we are, and have, so much more.
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